Stephen King Has Idea For 'Friday The 13th' Novel Told From Jason Voorhees' POV

Stephen King is always working on something. The prolific master of horror seems to churn out a book every few months, firing away at one tale of terror after the next, with no signs of slowing down. King is such an institution that he can probably get literally anything published at this point, even a grocery list. And while King will continue to thrive as long as he's typing away, and publishers will continue to eat it up, he's not above waxing hypothetically about books he'll probably never write. Which is why King hopped onto Twitter recently and laid out his plans to for a Friday the 13ththemed novel told from the perspective of Jason Voorhees.

Above you can see the tweet from Mr. King, where he lays out a fun idea for a novel about Jason Voorhees (although he accidentally misspells it as Voohees). King states his hypothetical book would be a "first-person narrative" of Jason as he's "killed over and over again at Camp Crystal Lake." There's a lot to like about this idea.

For one thing, having Stephen King write about one of the most famous slasher movie figures of all time would be an absolute blast. For another, it's an overall amusing idea, since audiences have never really been inside the head of the silent Jason. I suppose you could argue that Jason really doesn't have anything going on in his old rotting noggin' – he just wants to stalk around and butcher horny teens. There's also the argument to be made that Jason isn't really "alive" in the technical sense.

After he's seemingly killed for good in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (the fourth film in the series), the understanding is that the Jason who returns for the other sequels is pretty much a zombie, which is why he's always portrayed as a decaying ghoul beneath his hockey mask. With that in mind, you could argue that Jason isn't really "killed" over the course of the franchise – he just goes into a type of hibernation until some unlikely event revives him.

Again, King says he "probably never will" write this book, but you never know – he might change his mind. He's also announced his retirement once or twice before, and as we all know, that wasn't even close to true.