Watch: 'Ghostbusters' Cast Looks Back Fondly On The 1984 Classic On 'Reunited Apart'

Ghostbusters fans are stuck patiently waiting for the arrival of Ghostbusters: Afterlife since the film was delayed from its original July release date this summer to spring of 2021. Thankfully, Josh Gad has something to hold us over with the latest edition of his nostalgic web series Reunited Apart.

The cast of the original Ghostbusters got back together virtually to take a look back at the making of the original 1984 sci-fi comedy classic. Director Ivan Reitman, co-writer and star Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, and even William Atherton all participated in this supernatural trip down memory lane, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman came along for the ride too. Watch Ghostbusters Reunited Apart below.

Ghostbusters Reunited Apart

Much of the discussion in Ghostbusters Reunited Apart is just reminiscing about shooting the movie. Hardcore Ghostbusters fans won't really hear any details they haven't heard before, such as Sigourney Weaver being the inspiration to have Dana Barrett and Louis Tully (Rick Moranis, who unfortunately didn't participate in the reunion) turn into the Terror Dogs at the end, or plot points like "crossing the streams" being created on set the day of shooting. But more casual Ghostbusters fans will be surprised by how much of this movie was improvised on the spot instead of being carefully crafted in advance. You couldn't make a movie on this scale today with such a lack of meticulous planning.

There's also a more expanded reunion with some of the smaller supporting cast members being brought in for bit, including Jennifer Runyon and Steven Tash as the two students Dr. Peter Venkman conducts experiments with, Michael Ensign as the hotel manager who is aghast at the Ghostbusters service price, and Timothy Carhart as Dana Barrett's orchestra colleague. Plus, you'll want to stick around until the end for a little musical number from Ray Parker Jr. that should be pretty recognizable.

The most rewarding this about Ghostbusters Reunited Apart is simply seeing the whole gang having a good time goofing around with each other, especially Bill Murray. The famed comedy star gets a kick out of William Atheron's participation in the reunion, including the part where Kumail Nanjiani comes in to see how well the cast remembers their own lines after all these years.

For anyone expecting some tidbits about Ghostbusters: Afterlife, director Jason Reitman is still keeping things incredibly close to his chest. He's not willing to give up anything, but says he's hard at work in the editing room for the movie's release next March.