'Rodeo Queens' Amazon Series Will Star Dakota Johnson, With Carrie Brownstein Directing

Dakota Johnson is getting back together with the folks at Amazon. The actress will appear in the Amazon comedy series Rodeo Queens, a mockumentary-style show created by I Am Not Okay With This co-creator Christy Hall. The series will follow a group of women vying to be the Rodeo Queen, the "female representatives and 'face"'of the sport of rodeo." Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame, will direct.

According to Collider, Dakota Johnson will star in Rodeo Queens, a new Amazon comedy series that will be shot mockumentary-style. Per my research (aka going to Wikipedia), I've learned that "A rodeo queen is a female representative and "face" of the sport of rodeo. She represents her rodeo, association, or region for a standard time of usually 12 months and is usually required to wear a cowboy hat, crown, and sash with her title on it. Being a rodeo queen requires skills in western style horse riding, public speaking, rodeo knowledge, appearance, and personality. Rodeo Queens spend their time professionally representing their title at various rodeos, parades, public events, television interviews, radio interviews, school events, and charity events."

Collider says the series "will follow an ensemble of Rodeo Queen hopefuls as they compete for the coveted crown." This won't be Johnson's first time working under the Amazon banner – she also starred in the Amazon-distributed Suspiria remake. Johnson will executive produce Rodeo Queens along with Ro Donnelly and Elisa Ellis, while series creator Christy Hall will serve as showrunner. Carrie Brownstein is directing, although it's unclear if she's directing the entire series or just the pilot. Brownstein and Johnson worked together in the Sundance film The Nowhere Inn.

Amazon reportedly beat several other competitors to land the rights to Rodeo Queens, and will be assembling a writer's room soon. Everything about this project sounds promising. The premise sounds like it'll lend itself nicely to the mockumentary style, and I'm a big fan of both Johnson and Brownstein. Johnson has proven to have great comedic timing, and I hope she starts taking on more comedic work like this. No word yet when the series might premiere.