'Adventure Time: Distant Lands' Clip: BMO Sings About The Potatoes And The Mysteries Of The Universe

Like any other sentient video game console floating through space, when faced with the unexplainable mysteries of the universe, BMO will....sing a song! The Adventure Time fan-favorite gets the spotlight in the first clip from Adventure Time: Distant Lands, the series of four original special episodes set to debut on HBO Max this month. The new Adventure Time: Distant Lands clip shows the first four minutes of the BMO-centric first episode, which follows the everyone's favorite little robot as it contemplates potatoes and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Adventure Time Distant Lands Clip: BMO

If you thought Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward was going to hold back for a more family-friendly take on his beloved Cartoon Network series, think again. The first clip from the first episode of the Adventure Time: Distant Lands special, titled "BMO," is as weird, trippy, and cosmic as the show has ever gotten. In the first two minutes of the clip, BMO, the show's fan-favorite sentient game console, witnesses a comet get swallowed by a giant space monster, and shrugs it off, deciding that singing about potatoes is worth its time more than contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

So much happens in the first four minutes of this episode that I dare not try to imagine what else unfolds in "BMO," the first of two Adventure Time specials set to air on HBO Max in 2020. We saw in the first teaser for "BMO" that the adorable little robot becomes a conquering hero of sorts on an alien planet, and with that cute little cowboy hat, BMO is certainly dressed for it.

The next three episodes of Adventure Time: Distant Lands will center on Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and Peppermint Butler, with "Obsidian," a Marceline and Princess Bubblegum-centric story set to debut in 2020 while Peppermint Butler's "Wizard City" and the Finn and Jake reunion "Together Again" will follow at undisclosed dates.

Here is the synopsis for Adventure Time: Distant Lands – BMO:

Return to the Land of Ooo and beyond in Adventure Time: Distant Lands. Based on the animated series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward and executive produced by Adam Muto, these four breakout specials explore the unseen corners of the world with characters both familiar and brand new. The first of these specials is BMO, which follows the lovable little robot on a new adventure. When there's a deadly space emergency in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there's only one hero to call, and it's probably not BMO. Except that this time it is!

The first of the four Adventure Time: Distant Lands specials will premiere on HBO Max on June 25, 2020.