'Zoolander: Super Model' Animated Miniseries Is Finally Available On CBS All Access

What's that? You had no idea that there was an animated series based on Ben Stiller's farcical fashion comedy Zoolander? Well, prepare to have your mind blown.

Zoolander: Super Model was released on Netflix back in 2016 but only in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it's never been officially available in the United States. But that changes today as CBS All Access has announced that the full Zoolander animated series, which includes the voices of the movie's original cast, is now available to subscribers.

Zoolander Animated Series

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back as super model rivals turned Zoolander and Hansel, as well as Christine Taylor as Matilda Jeffries and Jerry Stiller as Maury Ballstein. There's also Jenny Slate as Nani, Andrew Daly as her father, Nick Kroll as Frankie J-PEG, Jon Daly as The Paparocto, Patton Oswalt as Dr. Botoxo, and Rashida Jones as D'Jangelo. Plus, it features celebrities like Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Leighton Meester, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, and Khloe Kardashian as themselves.

Running at just under an hour and a half, this is more of an animated movie than a miniseries, and it looks like a classic Saturday morning superhero cartoon in the vein of the old school Spider-Man. No matter what you call it, the animated project hails from The Penguins of Madagascar writers John Aboud and Michael Colton, with the animation done by Augenblock Studios. So if you have CBS All Access, give it a shot and see what Zoolander has to offer in this format.