'American Horror Story' Spinoff 'American Horror Stories' Ordered By FX

FX has gone and given a green light to American Horror Stories, a spin-off of the seemingly never-ending American Horry Story. Series creator Ryan Murphy announced the project about two weeks ago, and in that short period of time, FX decided to go ahead with the series. Details are sketchy, and it has yet to be confirmed if Murphy's regular players will return. But at the very least you can expect more Horror Stories in the near future.

During a Zoom chat with the cast of American Horror Story two weeks ago, Ryan Murphy revealed that he was planning a spin-off series called American Horror Stories. Now, FX made it official. So how will a spin-off of American Horror Story work? Does an American Horror Story spin-off even make sense? It's already an anthology show to begin with, so each season is different than the last. I'm not a fan of The Walking Dead, but I understand the logic behind the many spin-offs of that series, which focus on different characters during the same zombie apocalypse. With American Horror Story there's nothing to really "spin-off" from.

Here's the deal: rather than tell a season-long new story, American Horror Stories will "feature a different horror story each episode," per Variety. Think of it in terms of The Twilight Zone or Tales From the Darkside – a new scary story every week. I actually like this idea, because one of American Horror Story's biggest problems is that every season runs out of steam around the halfway point. The storyline tends to go off the rails, and even the most dedicated of fans tends to get annoyed. By having each episode stand on its own, American Horror Stories can (hopefully) avoid that problem.

American Horror Story is the longest-running show in FX history, and the network has already renewed it through 13 seasons, even though season 10 hasn't even aired yet. The upcoming 10th season was pushed to 2021 due to the coronavirus, and while Murphy previously teased some sort of aquatic-themed season, he also said that he might have a completely different idea up his sleeve. All we can say for certain is that Murphy regular Sarah Paulson will once again be the season lead.