Cool Stuff: Help Make This Custom 'Night At The Museum' LEGO Set A Reality

Night at the Museum may not be one of the most beloved film franchises in recent memory, but the films from director Shawn Levy are family friendly adventures featuring impressive ensemble casts and some solid comedy. That's enough for a LEGO Master Builder to create a custom Night at the Museum LEGO set that has a chance at becoming an official playset from the building brick company, and you can help it reach the ultimate goal of being on LEGO builders' shelves. Check it out below.

Night at the Museum LEGO Set

Night at the Museum LEGO SetNight at the Museum LEGO SetNight at the Museum LEGO SetNight at the Museum LEGO SetLEGO builder Carlierti (via Nerdist) is behind the custom build that has been posted at the LEGO Ideas website. In case you didn't know, custom sets posted on the LEGO Ideas site have a chance of making it in front of LEGO's official selection board to become a legitimate LEGO set available to buy in stores. All they need is 10,000 votes, and then it's up to LEGO and their legal department to work out the details if they see it as a viable set that LEGO builders would want to buy.

In the case of this Night at the Museum LEGO set, it's a very detailed building with a really fun interior. Characters like Ben Stiller as Lawrence Daley (or Larry), Ricky Gervais as Dr. McPhee, Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt, Owen Wilson as Jedediah the miniature cowboy, Steve Coogan as Octavius the miniature Roman general, Rami Malek as Pharaoh Ahkmenrah, and more are included in the set, as well as Rexy the tyrrannosaurus rex skeleton.

This building looks phenomenal from all angles, and I love that it can be split apart to see more of the museum's interior. The only downside might be that this is clearly a set that would be in the Creator Expert category, and having 2,900 bricks to make it would probably put it in a price range that most parents aren't going to get for their kids. But it would make a great addition to all the modular buildings that have been available in recent years.

Head over to LEGO Ideas and help the Night at the Museum LEGO set get to 10,000 votes.