'Trolls World Tour' Honest Trailer: From The Director Of 'Shrek's Yule Log' Comes The Death Of Movie Theaters

Since no one had anything else to watch while quarantining at home, Trolls World Tour became a VOD sensation that might usher in the death of movie theaters. At least that's what the National Association of Theater Owners wants you to think. But when you see what the Trolls World Tour Honest Trailer has to say, you'll realize that this is just an instance of parents desperately doing anything they can to get their kids to sit down for an hour and a half without having to play Frozen 2 again.

Trolls World Tour Honest Trailer

It's kind of crazy to think that this hairy acid trip from the guy who directed Shrek's Yule Log could result in Fast and Furious 9 being banned from all AMC Theatres locations, but these are crazy times, and anything can happen in this unstable economic climate. Wouldn't it be even crazier if Trolls World Tour ended up making more on VOD than Tenet might make with a (hopeful) theatrical release? Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

The real problem with Trolls World Tour is that it teaches kids that there are only six genres of music. Or maybe the biggest issue is that trolls can somehow reproduce without having any of the anatomical gear to do so. Perhaps it has something to do with their hair that seems to have endless abilities, including popping out an egg with a troll in it. There might be more questions about the Trolls movie universe than there are about the Cars universe.