'Ride Or Die': Marlon Wayans To Star In Romantic Buddy-Cop Action Comedy

What if you took When Harry Met Sally and added guns? That's the premise of Ride or Die, the new Marlon Wayans and Neal H. Moritz comedy that is being billed as the "first" romantic buddy-cop action comedy. Wayans co-wrote and is set to produce and star in Ride or Die, which Moritz will also produce, fresh off the (relative) success of Sonic the Hedgehog, Bloodshot, and Netflix's Spenser Confidential.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marlon Wayans and Neal H. Moritz are teaming up for Ride or Die, a romantic buddy-cop action comedy that is either Bad Boys with romance or When Harry Met Sally with guns, depending on your speed. Those are the two descriptions that Wayans provides THR, which makes Ride or Die sound like quite the wild, well, ride.

Here is the description of Ride or Die, per THR:

The story centers on robbery detective Martin Banks (Wayans), a consummate professional, and narcotics detective and unapologetic butt-kicker Tami Moore. Sparks and bullets fly when these opposites are partnered to track down a billion-dollar cache of deadly opioids stolen from the vault of a multinational pharmaceutical company that threaten to flood the streets of Chicago.

Wayans co-wrote the script with longtime collaborator Rick Alvarez, and is set to produce and star in the film. Moritz picked up the script via is banner Original Film, and will produce alongside Original's Toby Ascher. Wayans and Alvarez will produce via their Ugly Baby banner.

"Rick and I conceived this as a franchise and collaborating with Neal, who has mastered the art of franchises, makes it a perfect fit," Wayans said in a statement Tuesday.

Moritz added, "I was lucky enough to get a chance to read this script early ... and I had to jump on it ... rarely do you read scripts with such a great concept and relationship."

Wayans' output recently has been...underwhelming, to say the least. The writer-producer-actor has been mostly starring in broad Netflix comedies like Sextuplets or Naked when he wasn't leading his short-lived NBC sitcom Marlon. And it seems like Wayans will be doubling down on that brand of comedy by reuniting with his Sextuplets and Naked writer Rick Alvarez, who has been working with Wayans for decades. I can't say that Moritz's involvement is very encouraging either, as the producer's most recent works were Sonic the Hedgehog, Vin Diesel's Bloodshot and the Mark Wahlberg-starring Spenser Confidential. Still Moritz has enjoyed success as the producer behind the Fast and Furious series, which makes Wayans' hopes that Ride or Die becomes a franchise a threatening likelihood.