Halle Berry Will Save Us All From The Moon In Roland Emmerich's 'Moonfall'

Who will save us from the horrors of the moon in Roland Emmerich's Moonfall? Halle Berry, that's who. Berry is the latest cast member to join the Emmerich disaster pic, joining the previously-announced Josh Gad. In the movie, which has been knocking around for a few years, the moon is knocked out of orbit and hurtles towards Earth.

Roland Emmerich has been attached to make Moonfall since 2016, when it was announced he would be following-up Independence Day: Resurgence with the pic, based on a spec script he wrote with Harald Kloser and Spencer Cohen. Despite this news, the project failed to get into orbit...until now. Last week, word broke that Josh Gad was joining the cast of the film. Now, THR says Halle Berry has climbed aboard as well.

In Moonfall, "the moon is knocked from its orbit by a mysterious force and is on a collision course with Earth. Life as we know it hangs in the balance and with just weeks to go before impact, a ragtag team is sent on a seemingly impossible mission to land on the lunar surface and save humanity." When the project was first announced it was described as a mash-up between Emmerich's own 2012 and Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Berry will play an "astronaut-turned-NASA administrator whose previous mission holds a clue to the catastrophe," while Gad is playing "an eccentric genius that deduces that the moon has fallen out of its orbit." All of this sounds like perfect fodder for Emmerich, who has been steadily destroying the world since 1996's Independence Day, continuing on with GodzillaThe Day After Tomorrow, and 2012.

Emmerich and his company Centropolis are overseeing the entire production, including financing, which means Emmerich will have free reign to blow up whatever the hell he wants. Lionsgate will distribute. Production on Moonfall is hoping to start up in the fall, provided movie productions can get back on track by then.