Edgar Wright And Collaborators Launch New Production Company, Which Already Has A Big Netflix Deal

Edgar Wright's highly anticipated Last Night in Soho may be delayed due to coronavirus (COVID-19), but the filmmaker is keeping busy during the pandemic. Wright has teamed up with two of his longtime collaborators Nira Park (The Cornetto Trilogy) and Rachael Prior (Baby Driver) alongside filmmaker and protégé Joe Cornish to launch a new production team, Complete Fiction. And they've already got a major Netflix deal, with three new series in the works, including a adaptation of supernatural detective series Lockwood & Co from Cornish in the follow-up to his solid kid adventure The Kid Who Would Be King.

In a bid to win the "most productive in quarantine" badge, Variety reports that Wright has formed a new production company, which he has launched with longtime producer Nira Park, Baby Driver producer Rachel Prior, and filmmaker Joe Cornish. Netflix has already optioned the rights to four series from the company, called Complete Fiction, which Wright plans to use to nurture a new generation of writers and directors — a call back to Wright, Park, and Cornish's roots in TV.

Netflix has optioned the rights to four series, though the report only has the details on three. The fourth remains under wraps. The first series is Lockwood & Co, a "supernatural action-adventure detective series" based on the bestselling novels by Jonathan Stroud and which is set to be Cornish's next big project following the 2019 family adventure The Kid Who Would Be King, the filmmaker's long-awaited project after wowing everyone with his debut feature Attack the Block. Cornish will helm and executive produce Lockwood & Co, which continues Cornish's streak of working in family-friendly territory, perhaps to the disappointment of those waiting for him to return to the sci-fi action feature. But as one of the founding members of Complete Fiction, it's likely we'll see more works from Cornish, and possibly under the Netflix banner.

The company is also developing a series adaptation of Tade Thompson's sci-fi horror trilogy The Murders of Molly Southborne, and a historical fantasy series based on S.A. Chakraborty's Islamic folklore-inspired The City Of Brass.

Wright said in a statement following the launch of Complete Fiction:

"This new chapter with Complete Fiction is something I have wanted to embark on for a while now. Nira has been my producer now for more than 20 years, but we, along with our amazing team of long-time friends and collaborators, still share the same drive to bring original stories to the screen. Complete Fiction will be a dynamic hub for passionate creatives – somewhere they can feel nurtured and protected. I've been lucky enough to always have this team around me who have advocated for my voice and vision as a filmmaker, and I'm excited to bring new stories into the world and be part of making that happen for the next generation."

Complete Fiction is currently in post-production for Last Night in Soho, which we can likely expect sometime this year (if we're lucky) or in 2021 (if we're not).