'Not Alone In Here' Is Yet Another Creepy Shot-In-Quarantine Short Film From David F. Sandberg

David F. Sandberg is at it again, making yet another short horror movie while under lockdown. Sandberg, director of Shazam! and more, previously released Shadowed under quarantine conditions, and his latest, Not Alone in Here, keeps the trend going. Like Shadowed, and several of Sandberg's other shorts, it features Sandberg's wife and collaborator Lotta Losten being stalked by some sort of supernatural force. But Not Alone in Here changes up the format a bit, with creepy results.

Not Alone in Here 

David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten are no strangers to short horror movies. They've made a bunch of them, and almost all of them feature Losten wandering around the couple's home in the dark. Sure, you could call that repetitive, but Sandberg manages to bring cool tricks and plenty of atmosphere to every short. And with Not Alone in Here, things are a little different.

For one thing, there's voice-over narration (from Losten) through the whole thing – something that the shorts haven't used before. For another, even if you might think you know where this is going based on Sandberg's other short films, there are more than a few surprises that are going to catch you off guard. It's just another example of how good Sandberg is at this sort of thing.

When it comes to these shot-at-home short films, Sandberg often uploads a follow-up video breaking down how the short was made – he did one for Shadowed – so here's hoping he makes one for this too. More often than not, I end up finding the making-of videos even more enjoyable than the shorts themselves, because it's fun to see how Sandberg can craft an effective short film with zero budget and no real crew to speak of.

On the feature film front, Sandberg has Shazam 2 lined-up, and that's all well and good. But I hope he returns to feature-length horror as well, since he has such a knack for it.