'Community' Table Read: 'The Mandalorian' Star Pedro Pascal Will Replace Walton Goggins

Last week, we learned that most of the cast of the often-brilliant comedy series Community will be reuniting for a virtual table read to raise money for coronavirus relief efforts. Even Donald Glover will be back, marking the first time he's doing anything related to this series since he left the show in 2014.

But one person won't be able to make it: Justified and The Shield alum Walton Goggins, who guest-starred in the episode that the cast will be reading – season five's "Cooperative Polygraphy." Instead, his role will be read by The MandalorianNarcos, and Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal. Check out a photo from their recording session below.

Pedro Pascal is Joining the Community Table Read

Fans of the series will recognize just about everyone in that photo. There's showrunner Dan Harmon and new guest Pascal, along with cast members Donald Glover, who played former high school football star Troy Barnes; Joel McHale, who played disgraced lawyer Jeff Winger; Gillian Jacobs, who embodied the perpetually outraged Britta Perry; Alison Brie, as the high-strung Annie Edison; Danny Pudi, as the genre-loving aspiring filmmaker Abed Nadir; Yvette Nicole Brown, as the religious Shirley Bennett; Ken Jeong, as the disgraced Spanish professor Ben Chang; and Jim Rash, playing Greendale Community College's delightfully eccentric Dean, Craig Pelton.

The one name that may not be familiar is Keith Slettedahl, in the bottom center of the photo. Slettedahl wrote the show's main theme song and recorded it with his band, The 88. (Oscar winner Ludwig Göransson composed the show's score, in case anyone was wondering.) I don't think I'd ever heard the full version of the song until today, but you can check it out below:

Cooperative Polygraphy takes place in the wake of Pierce Hawthorne's funeral, which explains why Chevy Chase won't be a part of this table read. In the episode, it's revealed that Pierce preemptively organized an investigation into his eventual death which forces his study group pals to participate in a polygraph test to reveal whether any of them secretly murdered him. Goggins, and now Pascal, plays the administrator of the test. Without spoiling any plot points, let's just say the final minutes of the episode should show fans of Pascal's tight-lipped performance in The Mandalorian that the actor has the range to pull off something diametrically opposed to that type of acting.

Harmon weighed in a few days ago with an Instagram post of his own:

The Community table read will be available to watch on Sony Pictures TV's Community YouTube channel at 5 P.M. on May 18, 2020.