Cool Stuff: New 'The Mandalorian' And 'Indiana Jones' Prints Are Full Of Adventure And Excitement

Bottleneck Gallery is back with a new batch of collectible prints to cover your walls with some gorgeous pop culture art. This time, they've got artist Hugh Fleming delivering a golden adventure in the form of a new Indiana Jones print for Raiders of the Lost Ark. And for those who might prefer their action and adventure in space, Tom Walker has created a trio of The Mandalorian prints featuring the bounty hunter and some of his allies, each with a different color scheme. See them all below.

Hugh Fleming Indiana Jones Print

Hugh Fleming - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Adventure Map by Hugh Fleming

Screen print

36 x 24 inches

Hand-numbered edition of 300


While I like the composition of the characters and scenes with the golden map background, it feels like there's too much white space surrounding the imagery. Honestly, I almost would have preferred the map background spread across the entire design, perhaps adding the shot of Indiana Jones reaching for the fertility idol on the bottom. That would make it a little more busy, but it just feels like it's missing something, even though the illustrations themselves are fantastic.

But maybe you'd prefer action and adventure from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Tom Walker The Mandalorian Prints

Tom Walker - The Mandalorian Prints

This Is The Way by Tom Walker

Screen print

24 x 36 inches

Hand-numbered edition of 250


Tom Walker - The Mandalorian Prints

This Is The Way – Foil Variant by Tom Walker

Screen print on foil paper

24 x 36 inches

Hand-numbered edition of 185


Tom Walker - The Mandalorian Prints

This Is The Way – Holiday Special Variant by Tom Walker

Screen print

24 x 36 inches

Hand-numbered edition of 100


Some more of the Mandalorian warriors featured in the Disney+ series are getting featured in artwork. The titular character and The Child he's protecting have been the focus of many of the prints released thus far, but it's nice to see other armored allies getting the spotlight in this print. Plus, you'll notice that in addition to the different color schemes (one apparently inspired by the Star Wars Holiday Special), one of them is a foil variant, which should make that armor shimmer rather nicely.

All of the above prints will be on sale over at Bottleneck Gallery starting at 12:00 P.M. ET today.