'Dark Days At The Magna Carta' Will Have Blake Lively Dealing With The Apocalypse

Blake Lively is ready for some Dark Days at the Magna Carta, a new post-apocalyptic thriller produced by Stranger Things' Shawn Levy. The film is destined for Netflix, with a hot script from up-and-coming screenwriter Michael Paisley. Specific details about the story aren't available, but it's said to involve a "catastrophic event," which is something we're all familiar with at this point.THR has the scoop on Dark Days at the Magna Carta, which kind of sounds like a spin-off of Bad Times at the El Royale, but isn't. Instead, it's a post-apocalyptic thriller that will apparently be very relevant to our own pre-apocalyptic times. As the report states, the film is "a character-driven thriller set against a catastrophic event and centers on a woman going to extreme lengths to survive and save her family." And while writer Michael Paisley started working on the script last year, "ideas crystalized as the pandemic began to hold in the U.S. While the story is not related to a contagion, a world-altering event is a key foil and themes of isolation and strength of family emerge."

That sounds a bit like A Quiet Place. As for what the title is referring to, your guess is as good as mine. I doubt it's referencing the actual Magna Carta, but hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Blake Lively has to pull a National Treasure-style caper and steal the Magna Carta from the British Library. Probably not, though. Lively is also set to produce through her B for Effort production company along with Kate Vorhoff, with hopes of this turning into a franchise.

Shawn Levy is also producing via his 21 Laps with partner Dan Cohen. Levy has many producing credits to his name, including Stranger ThingsArrivalI'm Not Okay With This, and more. He also directed the upcoming Free Guy, which stars Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds. Dark Days at the Magna Carta has ended up at Netflix after a "competitive situation," meaning people seem to think this script is hot stuff, and multiple people were jockeying to get the rights to it.

I've come to appreciate Lively's work. I don't know if I'd call her a great actor, but her performances in movies like The Shallows and A Simple Favor have sold me on her capabilities. She was even good in the otherwise bland box office bomb The Rythm Section.