'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' TV Series Honest Trailer: A Prequel That Got Rebooted As A New Prequel

Before The Clone Wars was a hit computer animated Star Wars series that ended too soon and came back to life for one final season, there was a 2D animated adaptation of the throwaway line of dialogue from Star Wars: A New Hope. Filling in some of the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, we follow the Jedi and endless laser-blasting Clone Troopers as they charge into a barrage of droid armies over and over again, all with the cloaks dramatically blowing in the wind.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Honest Trailer

For those who maybe don't remember, this version of The Clone Wars is made up of 25 chapters. The first two seasons, which have been gathered up to form Volume I, are made up of three-minute installments. Meanwhile, the third season, dubbed Volume II, has 12 segments with segments running between 12-15 minutes.

Genndy Tartakovsky of Samurai Jack is behind the series, which is why the action with the lightsabers is so badass, and the Jedi act more like samurai warriors than ever. Even though this is no longer considered canon thanks to the computer animated update of The Clone Wars, plenty of inspiration was taken from this series, including a handful of characters who were ported over to the new series, like Asajj Ventress, who didn't even have a name when she was introduced.

Honestly, seeing this makes me wish we could could get more Star Wars stories in the style of Genndy Tartakovsky's signature animation. He has a way with action that is perfect for stylized Star Wars, and if he had an open sandbox to play in, I know he could do something outstanding.