'Think Like A Dog' Trailer: Josh Duhamel And Megan Fox Are Playing Parents Now In A Family Comedy

It's never a surprise when Hollywood churns out another family comedy featuring an adorable talking dog. Nor is it a surprise that the director of said talking dog comedy is a fan of the Transformers franchise. But it is a little surprising to see Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox, two former Hollywood It stars, playing the good-natured parents of a young boy who invents a technology that allows him to talk to dogs in the Lionsgate comedy Think Like a Dog. Watch the Think Like a Dog trailer below.

Think Like a Dog Trailer

Lionsgate debuted the official trailer for the family comedy Think Like a Dog, which is being released direct to VOD starting this June. And Think Like a Dog will likely be fun for the whole family currently stuck in quarantine: it's got a cute kid, a cute talking dog, and two former Hollywood leading stars who are now stuck playing suburban parents. Former Transformers co-stars Duhamel and Fox star as the parents of a 12-year-old prodigy (Gabriel Bateman), whose science experiment goes awry and creates a telepathic connection with his best friend and dog, Henry. Hijinks ensue, an evil corporation tries to steal the technology, and you've got your typical family comedy to throw on as we head into the third month of quarantine.

Todd Stashwick plays the dog's voice, while Janet MontgomeryMadison Horcher, and Kunal Nayyar round out the cast.

Here is the synopsis for Think Like a Dog:

Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox star in this whimsical family comedy about a boy and his dog, and a science project that will change all of their lives forever. Think Like a Dog follows 12-year-old Oliver, a tech prodigy whose middle-school science fair experiment goes awry, creating a telepathic connection between him and his furry friend, Henry. The bond brings Oliver and Henry even closer as they join forces to comically overcome complications at school, and help Oliver's parents rekindle their marriage along the way.

Think Like a Dog premieres on Digital, and On Demand on June 9, 2020.