Judi Dench Still Hasn't Seen 'Cats,' But Compares Her Character's Look To "Five Foxes F-King" On Her Back

Judi Dench still hasn't seen Tom Hooper's notorious Cats, in which the British national treasure starred as Old Deuteronomy, a cat that Dench hoped would look like an elegant wise creature. Dench doesn't seem too rankled by the Razzie Award that the role earned her, but she does seem a little miffed by the final look of Old Deuteronomy, which Dench compared to a "battered, mangy old cat" who wears a massive fur cloak that she compares to five fixes mating on her back.

Dench hasn't watched Cats yet, but the photographs she has seen of the infamously terrible musical movie aren't convincing her to get around to it. The 85-year-old Oscar winner revealed in an interview with British Vogue that she was incredibly disappointed by the final look of Old Deuteronomy, the wise feline who reigns over the fate of the Jellicle cats at the center of the movie.

The film's visual effects team created the appearance of Old Deuteronomy as Dench, like the rest of the cast, wore a simple motion-capture suit to allow for Hooper to use his "digital fur technology." Despite the noble efforts of the VFX team, Dench was dissatisfied by the final look of Old Deuteronomy, which she compared to a "battered, mangy old cat...A great big orange bruiser. What's that about?"

Dench was most appalled by the fur cloak that her character wears — a massive fur cloak which, confusingly, was the same color as her character's fur.

"The cloak I was made to wear!" Dench said "Like five foxes fucking on my back."

The final appearance of Old Deuteronomy and the rest of the uncanny humanoid cats can't be totally blamed on the visual effects team, who reportedly underwent a rigorous working process to complete the film under Hooper's ineffective direction and vision. But at least they won't have to bear any more of Dench's scorn as it's unlikely she'll be watching Cats anytime soon.