Will 'The Green Knight' Go Straight To VOD, Or Wait For Theaters? According To Director David Lowery, "No One Knows"

Up until last week, A24's new David Lowery film The Green Knight was still on the schedule to hit theaters on May 29. That seemed very unlikely, what with the majority of movie theaters still closed, and sure enough, The Green Knight's release date is now being listed as TBA. So what now? Does A24 wait for the all-clear to drop The Green Knight into theaters? Or will they give us the fantasy epic on VOD? According to Lowery, "no one knows" the answer at the moment.

While appearing on The A24 Project podcast (via The Playlist), director David Lowery talked about the plans (or lack thereof) regarding The Green Knight release. The film was recently pulled from its May release date, and given a dreaded TBA from A24. Is A24 going to ride out the storm and wait for an eventual theatrical release? Or will we be seeing the film sooner rather than later, via VOD?

"No one knows," said Lowery. "That's the case with everything at the moment. No one knows anything. All I can say is that at some point audiences will see it. And they'll see it in the best way possible, given the circumstances. Hopefully, that's in theaters. Hopefully, theaters survive. I'm a big-time defender of the theatrical experience, and one of the things I love about A24 is that they are as well."

And while Lowery is clearly hoping for a theatrical release, he's also understanding enough to realize that that may not be an option, and he's okay with that. "If I were just an audience member and I've been stuck at home for six months and I wanted to see a new movie, I'd rather see it at home than not see it at all," the director said. "So I'm confident that it'll be seen soon, but 'soon' is variable."

Lowery also added that the film's delay has enabled him to finish up some things. The Green Knight was originally set to premiere at the now-canceled SXSW, and according to Lowery: "We were really rushing to try to get done by SXSW, and the movie, if we showed it there, would not have been fully finished. It would have been close, but not quite done."

While I understand that distributors and filmmakers prefer theatrical releases, from a purely selfish point-of-view, I'd love it if A24 just said to hell with it and dropped The Green Knight on VOD, because I'd love to see this movie sooner rather than later.