'Star Wars' Day: The Official "May The 4th" Video Shares A Powerful Message About Hope

Today is May the 4th, the special day that got the designation "Star Wars Day" because of the date's pun-worthy similarity to the franchise's oft-repeated mantra, "May the Force Be With You." And to commemorate the Star Wars holiday, the Star Wars social media accounts released an official May the 4th compilation video, which contains movie and TV footage spanning the 42-year franchise, from 1977's A New Hope to 2019's The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars May the 4th

In the aftermath of last year's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there's been a lot of debate over what Star Wars is actually about. Is it about good triumphing over evil? About cool plot twists? About grappling with legacy? We could talk for hours about the themes of Star Wars until we're red in the face, but Star Wars' official May the 4th video has the answer: it's about hope.

It's a powerful message, especially in dark times like these. And it's encouraging to know that there's a plethora of Star Wars content that we can consume that will give us this hope, most of which is available to stream on Disney+ now.

Happy May the 4th, and may the Force be with you.