'Westworld' Season 4 Is Official At HBO, Showrunners Planning A Six Season Run

HBO is sticking with Westworld. The sci-fi series just got itself a fourth season from the network, which is currently in the process of airing season 3. Two more episodes remain in this current season, and, like season 3, Westworld season 4 will consist of 8 episodes. And, like season 3, it will probably be filled with all sorts of confusing twists and turns, and scenes of characters delivering ominous monologues about free will.

Good news, I guess! Westworld season 4 is a go at HBO. The network made the announcement today, with Casey Bloys, president of HBO Programming, stating:

"From the western theme park to the technocratic metropolis of the near future, we've thoroughly enjoyed every twist and turn from the minds of master storytellers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. We can't wait to see where their inspired vision takes us next."

In addition, The Hollywood Reporter notes that the current plan is for the show to run six seasons, which was initially stated as the overall goal during the press rounds for the first season. So it sounds like HBO is in for the long haul here.

Obviously, there's still an audience for Westworld, or else HBO wouldn't have renewed it. But barring some sort of miracle or phenomenal season finale, I think I'm done with this show. The first season was oh so promising. Then came season 2, which kind of went off the rails. Season 3 was advertised as being some sort of reboot, with hopes of successfully bringing the show back online. But I've found season 3 to be even more frustrating than season 2. For all of the second season's problems, it at least held my interest. With season 3, I just can't wait for things to wrap up.

The season 4 announcement makes no mention of which cast members are returning, probably in an attempt to avoid giving away any spoilers for the remaining two season 3 episodes. Still, it's probably a safe bet that lead Evan Rachel Wood will be back. And Thandie Newton will most likely return as fan-favorite Maeve as well. As for newest cast member Aaron Paul, I'm not entirely sure. I could easily see his character meeting his demise this season, but then again, he might be back for more.

In any case, we probably won't be seeing season 4 until 2022, since the coronavirus has shut so many things down for the moment, and it'll probably be some time before HBO can get things back up and running.

A dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the question of free will, the show was created for television by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, who are also executive producers. Nolan directed the season's premiere episode, which has surpassed nine million viewers across all platforms.

WESTWORLD was created for television by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, who are executive producers with Denise Thé, J.J. Abrams, Athena Wickham, Richard J. Lewis, and Ben Stephenson. Production companies: Kilter Films and Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television; based on the film written by Michael Crichton.