VOTD: Tom Holland Returns As Spider-Man To Surprise Jimmy Kimmel's Son, Suggests 'Spider-Man 3' Could Be Delayed

It's very likely that production on the third installment of the Spider-Man franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be delayed, possibly impacting the film's July 16, 2021 release date next year. That means we're not entirely sure when we'll see Tom Holland back in the red and blue tights as your friendly neighborhood webslinger again. But last night, the wallcrawling star reprised his big screen role as Spidey's alter ego Peter Parker (and a homemade version of Spider-Man) on a much smaller screen during a remote interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he surprised the host's three-year old son for his birthday.

Tom Holland Surprises Jimmy Kimmel's Son

Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel's son Billy turned three years old. Originally, Kimmel and his wife told their son that the real Spider-Man would come to his party, when in reality it would just be some guy in a Spider-Man suit. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has made it so he can't really have a birthday party. But Kimmel had this interview with Tom Hollland, which made this wonderful opportunity possible. We've cued up the video to start right at the point Jimmy Kimmel asks the actor for this huge favor, and you can see the cuteness that follows.

Billy Kimmel is still a little guy, so he doesn't really freak out like a Marvel movie fan would, and as Jimmy himself said, he might not even register that Tom Holland is the "real" Spider-Man. Billy is a little shy at first, but he does have a smile on his face when Tom Holland reveals himself. Jimmy's daughter Jane, who is five years old, immediately recognizes him and says, "That is Peter Parker!" She has a much easier time interacting with the Marvel movie star, and Jimmy embarrasses her a bit by revealing that she has said Peter Parker has a cute face.

Tom Holland is a good sport for doing stuff like this, and it just goes to show you how influential these superhero movies can be on kids. For a time in all kids' lives, they buy into movies, TV shows and stories as if they are real. It's pretty magical, and it's always heart-warming to see the movie stars who play these superheroes embracing their characters to make kids like this happy.

As for what's happening with Spider-Man 3, Tom Holland confirmed the uncertainty about when that will start production. The actor explained:

"I'm not too sure. I was in Berlin, making a film called Uncharted with Mark Wahlberg. We were all ready to go, we went to set for day one of shooting, and then we got shut down and we got sent home. So whether we shoot that movie first or we shoot Spider-Man first, I'm not clear. But both movies are being made and they're both really strong and the scripts are fantastic, so whatever happens, happens."

Watch the rest of the video above to hear the rest of the chat between Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Holland, which includes some talk about a screenplay the actor wrote with his brother Harry, as well as some information on The Brothers Trust, a charity set up by the Holland family that is raising funds for various causes around the world.