'A.P. Bio' Season 3 Teaser: Start Shutting Up For The Return Of The Hilarious NBC Comedy On Peacock

If you're an Xfinity Flex customer, you can now get access to the new NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock. Otherwise, you'll be waiting until July to feast your eyes on more than 15,000 hours of movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, a large amount of the original programming that will be available exclusively on Peacock won't be available for awhile. But today, the streaming service teased what subscribers will get down the road with a batch of new trailers, including the return of a wrongly canceled comedy series from NBC.

A.P. Bio started off by following disgraced Harvard philosophy professor-turned-high school A.P. biology teacher Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton), showcasing the lengths he went to in order to avoid teaching biology, opting to use his smart students to get revenge on a rival professor instead. Since then, the series has shifted gears a bit as Jack is now focused on writing a book about a deep-dive into the experience of middle-class living in Toledo, Ohio. But the third season will pose a new challenge, as illustrated in the A.P. Bio season 3 teaser trailer.

A.P. Bio Season 3 Teaser Trailer

A.P. Bio is back and even though Jack's traditional classroom entrance where he tells everyone to shut up hasn't changed, the high school teacher will have a new student that he has to deal with who might complicate things. Jack has made a habit of actively avoiding teaching any biology whatsoever in his class, but now that high school secretary Helen (Paula Pell) has chosen to go back to school to get her diploma, including enrolling in A.P. Bio, his days spent furthering his own career may be over.

Jack isn't the only one juggling new problems as Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt) has to deal with the fact that his office no longer has a secretary. Durbin doesn't even know how to answer the phones properly, and since he hasn't really handled legitimate stress or responsibility very well in the previous two seasons, this is bound to be raucously and disastrously hilarious.

There are also brief teases of what the students are up to, all of which bring their own brand of funny to the series. Aparna Brielle, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Jacob McCarthy, Miguel Chavez, Spence Moore, Marisa Baram, Jacob Houston, Eddie Leavey and Sari Arambulo are a great ensemble of students who make every episode funny. Often times they can bring a laugh with a simple facial expression in a reaction shot. Plus, the assembly of teachers played by Mary Sohn, Lyric Lewis, and Jean Villepique are all amusing too, especially when they're ripping on Dave (David Neher).

We're not sure when A.P. Bio season three will debut Peacock, but hopefully it's sooner than later.