Rian Johnson Has Shared The 'Knives Out' Script Online For You To Enjoy

If you need a break from sitting around watching endless hours of TV during quarantine and want to do some reading, Rian Johnson is here to help. The filmmaker has made the shooting draft of Knives Out available for all to read. Since it's a shooting draft it's pretty similar to the final film, although there are a few interesting differences here and there. Mostly, though, it's another reminder of how damn fine a script this is.

Hey, remember Knives Out? One of the best movies of last year? Well, it's back – in script form. Rian Johnson was nice enough to put the script on his site, along with all his other scripts (except for The Last Jedi). It's a fun read, mostly for the tiny little differences here and there. For instance: in the final film, when Benoit Blanc is first introduced as sitting in on the questioning of the Thrombey family, he casually taps a piano key every time he wants the line of questioning to change. In the script, he simply taps the back of a chair with his foot – which isn't nearly as over-dramatic and memorable as the piano key thing.

Beyond that, you might notice that Johnson has a weird aversion to punctuation in some places, and more often than not, certain character's dialogue just stops – no period, no em-dash, nothing. It's a little jarring, but who am I to argue with the guy who wrote and directed the best Star Wars movie?