Cool Stuff: The Mandalorian And Baby Yoda Get Hot Toys Figures

While we're all stuck at home self-quarantining, what better time to add to our growing toy collections? Hot Toys is already ahead of you, debuting their new The Mandalorian and The Child Sixth Scale Figure Set. This marks the Hot Toys debut of the beloved characters from The Mandalorian, here to capitalize on the popularity of the Disney+ Star Wars series, and its breakout character The Child (aka Baby Yoda).

The Mandalorian Hot Toys figures will be offered in two packages: a standard set (TMS014) and a deluxe version (TMS015). The Standard Set is a 1/6th scale The Mandalorian and The Child collectible and features the Mandalorian in his new beskar armor, alongside helmet and armor pieces, and various pieces of weaponry. This version also offers a "highly detailed collectible feature a curious standing Child"

Meanwhile, the Deluxe Version has the addition of a "curious standing Child" with a signature necklace, as well as an "additional The Child sitting in the hover pram, beskar steel and camtono container with LED light-up function, a whistling bird firing effects attachable to Mandalorian's left gauntlet, and also a miniature hologram."

Here is the description of both sets per Hot Toys:

Based on the appearance of the fearless Mandalorian in his new beskar armor, the highly-accurate collectible set features the bounty hunter with meticulously crafted helmet and armor pieces, interchangeable right shoulder armor with Mudhorn signet, skillfully tailored outfit, an attachable jetpack, a blaster rifle and pistol, flamethrower effect, a tracking fob and a desert-themed figure base.

These Hot Toys figures are not available for purchase yet, but look for pre-orders for both sets to be hitting Sideshow Collectibles' website in the near future.

Once they do, they'll be the perfect way to while away the time under self-quarantine, until the second season of The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ in fall 2020.

After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. "The Mandalorian" is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.