Arnold Schwarzenegger, A Pony, And A Donkey Warn Us About The Coronavirus

Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing his part to spread the word about staying home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. And, ever the entertainer, he's doing so in a totally unique way: in a dining room, joined by a pony and a donkey. Check it out below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Coronavirus Warning Video

Schwarzenegger, who is 72 years old, incorrectly states that there's a "curfew" in California, saying "after you're 65, you're not allowed out of the house anymore in California." On Sunday, governor Gavin Newsom did call for senior citizens and state residents with chronic conditions to isolate themselves at home, but there's currently no official curfew being enforced. (As far as I know, senior citizens are still allowed to go buy groceries, for example.) There's currently no plan for a nationwide curfew, but some U.S. cities, like Hoboken, New Jersey, are reportedly imposing curfews of their own.

Still, Schwarzenegger's heart is in the right place, and he's absolutely correct when he tells everyone (regardless of age) to stay home as much as humanly possible, because isolation is the best way to stem the spread of the virus. "No more restaurants, OK?" he says. "Forget all that. Restaurants, public gatherings, gymnasiums: out the window. We stay home."

Meanwhile, actress Olga Kurylenko, who is best known for playing Camille in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace (aka, the one in which a guy sweeps the air with a broom), has tested positive for COVID-19, and is warning people to take this situation seriously. My heart goes out to her and all those who have tested positive so far; here's hoping we can all flatten the curve and prevent the further spread of this thing before it gets worse.