'Tron' TV Series Developed By '12 Years A Slave' Writer John Ridley Scrapped At Disney+

It has now been ten years since Tron: Legacy hit theaters, and while fans continue to hold out hope for a possible Tron 3, news has arrived that Disney+ has derezzed a Tron TV series that was being developed by writer John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Three Kings).

The Hollywood Reporter brings the news about the Tron TV series being scrapped before it ever got its balance on its light cycle. This show was never officially announced, but before last year's D23 Expo, /Film heard that it was going to be announced at that convention, but just days before the presentation, the studio decided not to go ahead with the announcement. Ridley had reportedly been working on it for several months when it was given the ax. (The show was never officially greenlit.) This marks at least the second potentially high-profile genre project that never came to pass from Ridley and a Disney-owned brand; in 2015, he was hired to create a Marvel show for ABC, but since Marvel TV has essentially been subsumed by Marvel Studios, it's unclear whether that project is still clinging to life or if it's been put out to pasture.

As for the scrapped Tron series, details are so scarce that we don't have a single piece of concrete information about it aside from Ridley's involvement. Would it have been animated, like Tron: Uprising? Live-action? A prequel? A sequel? Set entirely in the Grid? Did it follow Olivia Wilde's Quorra character? The possibilities are seemingly endless for a world as cool as that one, and it's baffling to me that Disney can't seem to crack a story that would keep that property in the forefront of the pop culture consciousness – especially on Disney+, which seems like the perfect home for a mid-budget, low pressure version that could theoretically jumpstart interest in the franchise and maybe even lead into a third feature film.

Speaking of a third film, we've heard that a third movie is still in development with Jared Leto (Morbuis, Suicide Squad) potentially attached, but it's unclear if that will ever actually happen. But even if we never see any other stories set in the Tron universe, at least we'll always have that kick-ass Daft Punk score from Tron: Legacy.