'The Letter For The King' Trailer: Netflix Series Is Like '1917' But In A Fantasy World, And Without The Long Takes

Dutch author Tonke Dragt's beloved 1960s fantasy novel De brief voor de Koning, AKA The Letter for the King, has already been adapted into a movie, but now it's heading to Netflix as a six-episode streaming series. Between this and The Witcher, Netflix is sparing no expense when it comes to feeding fantasy fans' appetites while they wait for HBO's Game of Thrones spin-offs. This thing looks like it cost more than Ozark, GLOW, and American Vandal put together. Check out the new trailer below.

The Letter for the King Trailer

Amir Wilson plays Tiuri, an aspiring knight tasked with delivering a letter that will save thousands of lives across dangerous territory. So it's basically like 1917, but without the long takes. Or like The Postman, without the post-apocalyptic setting. Or like Premium Rush, but without the bicycles. You get the picture. And if you're getting some Lord of the Rings vibes from this, it may not be just the fantasy element that's drawing that comparison in your mind: the series filmed in Prague, but also in New Zealand, so some of those landscapes might actually be some of the same places Peter Jackson used in his movies. Oh yeah, and Andy Serkis shows up for a minute here, too. So there's that.

Wilson, who first appeared theatrically as an unnamed character in Joe Cornish's The Kid Who Would Be King, was cast as a key character in the upcoming second season of HBO's His Dark Materials, and he'll also be playing a major role in Studiocanal's upcoming remake of The Secret Garden. Joining him in the cast are Gijs BlomRuby Ashbourne SerkisNathanael Saleh, Thaddea GrahamIslam Bouakkaz, Jack Barton, Jonah Lees, Jakob OftebroYorick van WageningenEmilie CocquerelKen NwosuPeter FerdinandoKemi-Bo JacobsDavid WilmotTawfeek Barhom, and Omid Djalili. And at the 1:32 mark, you can see a brief appearance from Kim Bodnia, who plays the scheming handler Konstantin in Killing Eve.

Will Davies (How to Train Your Dragon, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot) is on board as the showrunner, and Alex Holmes (Paula, Maiden) and Felix Thompson (King Jack) serve as directors.

Check out the trailer for the 2008 Dutch movie below:

Here's the show's official synopsis:

In this sweeping fantasy series, a teenage knight-in-training (Amir Wilson) receives a secret letter on which the fate of the kingdom depends. He embarks on an epic quest to deliver it to the king and stop the world from being plunged into darkness.

The Letter for the King hits Netflix on March 20, 2020.