Exclusive 'Greenlight' Clip: A Film Director Receives Some Terrifying News In This Hollywood Horror Film

Graham Denman's feature debut has all the makings of contemporary commentary on the filmmaking industry with a murderous twist. Horror fans always rave about well-executed practical effects, but why stop with warehouse replicas of exploding heads? Greenlight is about a director's dream opportunity, except the last death in his picture – according to producers – must be a real execution. Are you willing to extinguish human life as a trade for your start in an already cutthroat and ruthless industry? Can't make an omelet without tossing aside a few corpses as they say (or something along those lines).Today on /Film we have an exclusive clip that features filmmaker Jack Archer (played by Chase Williamson) as he gets the bizarre news.

Greenlight Clip

It's the moment Jack's career is going to change forever, just in ways he never predicted. Dialogue suggests moneyman Mr. Moseby (Chris Browning) has been wronged by actor Damien (Victor Turpin) in some way. A perfect coverup, possibly? Who would question the ethics and gore-factor of a horror film after we've seen Eli Roth produce believable gruesomeness in his Hostel franchise (one example)? Archer first appears to take the request as a joke, like any sane individual, but the continued questioning in place of refusal reveals exactly the type of film Greenlight becomes. Hollywood's a tough city. Can nobodies decline once-in-a-lifetime opportunities?During its festival run, Greenlight won "Best Thriller Feature Film" at Shriekfest Horror Film Festival where Williamson also nabbed "Best Male Performance In A Feature Film." In addition to the actors already listed, Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre II), Shane Coffey (Pretty Little Liars) and Nicole Alexandra Shipley (Guardians Of The Galaxy) also star among others. Newly founded genre distribution label The Horror Collective (under Entertainment Squad's larger umbrella) hopes to make an industry splash as this is one of their first official catalog titles.Greenlight will be released on February 25, 2020 where it will be available across all streaming platforms.Check out the full synopsis below:

A director's dream job has just become his worst nightmare. When Jack Archer (Chase Williamson) gets the opportunity to finally direct a feature-length film, he doesn't expect sleazy producer Bob Moseby (Chris Browning) to ask him to film a real murder! With his own life on the line and the days counting down, Jack doesn't know how to do what's right and save himself. Greenlight stars genre icon Caroline Williams and is the Shriekfest LA 2019 Best Thriller Feature winner.