'The Stranger' Teaser: Dane DeHaan Is The Rideshare Passenger From Hell In Quibi Thriller Series

It's still up in the air whether Quibi will be a force to be reckoned with in the streaming wars, or just another curious experiment, but the mobile video platform certainly has a talent for releasing star-studded trailers. The latest trailer stars Dane DeHaan and Maika Monroe in a thriller series that follows the rideshare from hell. The Stranger follows Monroe's rideshare driver as she picks up DeHaan's titular stranger, who claims to have just committed a murder and threatens to do the same to her unless she tells him "a great story." Watch The Stranger teaser below.

The Stranger Teaser

One part The Hitcher, one part Red EyeThe Stranger seems to be a solid psychological thriller series, told, of course in Quibi's distinct format of 7 to 10 minute episodes. The Stranger follows Monroe's rideshare driver as she picks up DeHaan's passenger, who she at first assumes is a celebrity. But he reveals to have instead murdered the resident of the mansion she has picked him up from, and threatens to kill her as well, unless she can keep him distracted with a "great story." They don't spend the entire time in the car — there's glimpses of a club, a train, and a very exciting hallway — but The Stranger seems like the compact premise that suits a short web series.

Can this fairly simple premise keep viewers interested for so long? That's yet to be seen. For now, the teaser trailer is fairly promising: DeHaan sheds his leading man dreams to play the smooth sociopath he was always destined to play (what else can you do, with those bulging eyes?) while Monroe lends the series her slasher credentials, playing another plucky final girl in the vein of her breakout role in It Follows. It is a little funny that the series goes out of its way to avoid name-dropping Uber (what is Orbit?), and the title similarity to yet another web series from Netflix could mess up the show's SEO, but otherwise The Stranger seems intriguing.

The Stranger comes to Quibi in April 2020.