An NSYNC Movie Is Coming – But Don't Get Too Excited

We're finally getting an NSYNC movie, but there are some strings attached. First of all, it's not quite an NSYNC movie. And second, there's no hope of Justin Timberlake reuniting with his old boy bandmates. The untitled NSYNC movie, which TriStar Pictures has just picked up, will center around NSYNC...superfans who followed the boy band on tour in 2001.

Variety reports that Sony label TriStar Pictures has acquired the rights to an untitled feature film about NSYNC superfans who packed into a Winnebago RV to follow the boy band on tour in 2001. The film follows fans who gather together prize money from The Price is Right to buy the RV to drive throughout the country to follow NSYNC at the height of their swooning power. It will be a scripted movie based on the "true story" of two friends who really did buy a motor home to follow NSYNC on tour.

Here is the logline, per Variety:

Pitched as "Girls Trip" meets "Pitch Perfect," the film is based on the true story of two best friends from Park City, Utah, who used game show earnings to buy a motor home and travel the U.S. to catch Bass and company — Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick — on their fourth and final national tour.

The project was first teased by Lance Bass at SXSW last year. The former NSYNC member will be producing the movie through his company along with Cindy Cowan (Robert De Niro's Red Lights). The concept also came from Bass, who brought the project to TrisStar Pictures head Nicole Brown. Bass has said that music will be a "major influence" on the new film and hopes that it could have a life as a Broadway production after film adaptation.

So it's not quite the NSYNC movie that comes to mind when you hear "NSYNC movie." Apart from Bass, it sounds like the other members won't be involved, least of all Timberlake, who only briefly reunited with his fellow boy band members during a performance at the 2013 VMAs. Though since this is a scripted movie, and one that has the potential to be a heartwarming indie road trip story, perhaps it could lure in Timberlake after all. A cameo with the ramen-curl hair is all we're asking for, JT.