Batman Restaurant Will Allow You To Dine In Gotham Without Fear Of Joker Attacks

If you've ever wanted to dine in Gotham City without the fear of being attacked by an unwashed clown and/or Mr. Freeze, your time has come. London is gearing up to unveil a Batman-themed restaurant that's loaded with several themed areas based around the Caped Crusader. Rooms in the restaurant will be designed to resemble the Batcave, the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, and more. But you might want to start saving up some bat-bucks now, because some of the meal prices might make even Bruce Wayne blush. 

According to Forbes, London will cut the ribbon on a Batman restaurant this spring. The joint is called Park Row, which is another name for Crime Alley, aka the place where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered (I guess calling a place to eat "Crime Alley" didn't get passed the early planning stages). The eatery is set inside an "18,000 square feet venue will sit inside the basement of an Art Deco building right in the heart of London" and hopes to offer an "experience which is more like a dinner show than a trip to a typical restaurant."

You enter through a room designed to resemble the Batcave, and are then faced with "three bars and five very different dining environments." The pricing on each area is different, with the lowball average around $58 (£45) per person. One area is called Pennyworth's, after Batman's trusted butler. It offers "traditional British dishes in a library-like atmosphere."

Still another is Old Gotham City, a "villainous speakeasy" serving cocktails and sushi in a Harley Quinn-themed area. There's also the Iceberg Lounge, themed for the Penguin, and Monarch Theatre, the most expensive area, which offers a "tasting menu at an average price of $155 (£120) per head." The Monarch Theatre, by the way, is the same theatre the Waynes attended right before being gunned-down, so this restaurant is really going all-in on the "kill Bruce Wayne's parents" stuff. Maybe they'll even recreate the murders for guests – after all, you apparently can't tell a Batman story without a flashback to his parent's demise.

The folks running Park Row promise that "the food is surreal enough to pass muster in Batman's wacky world", which is a strange thing to say, honestly. Is Batman's world wacky? I guess the classic Adam West series could be considered wacky, but most Batman material is dark and brooding. But perhaps dark and brooding doesn't go over so well when you're dropping lots of money to dine out in faux-Gotham.