'Wolf' Movie Adds '1917' Star George MacKay And Lily-Rose Depp

1917 breakout George MacKay and Yoga Hosers star Lily-Rose Depp have joined the cast of Wolf, a new genre pic about a group of young people who think they're wild animals, and one character in particular who thinks he's a wolf. It's probably a good idea to not confuse this film with Mike Nichols' low-energy movie Wolf from 1994, where Jack Nicholson basically played himself, but as a werewolf.

George MacKay, who was pretty damn good in 1917, is ready to bark at the moon in Wolf, a new UK genre pic which will also feature Lily-Rose Depp. Per DeadlineWolf is "Set in a home of young people where the residents believe they are really animals rather than human beings, the allegorical movie about identity follows a character who thinks he is a wolf and despite the often humiliating treatment meted out to him by a doctor, cannot escape his own personal truth."

That sounds all well and good, although I'd be a lot more interested if the movie was about a bunch of people who really are able to turn into animals. Give me that movie, please. Just a halfway house full of were-whatevers. Werepandas, weregoats, werewolves. I want it all. Unless that's exactly what ends up happening in this movie, in which case, I love it.

Wolf comes from director Nathalie Biancheri, who helmed the 2019 film Nocturnal. Biancheri has what appears to be a proof of concept trailer for Wolf on her Vimeo page. Have a look, won't you?


According to Deadline, Wolf is currently in pre-production.