At Long Last, Netflix Finally Allows Users To Turn Off Autoplay Functions

For years, every time I've scrolled through Netflix looking for something to watch, I've had to mute my television. Aside from Qwikster (remember that?), one of the company's worst decisions was to implement a change to its user interface in which every time a customer would land on a title, a video teaser of that title would autoplay, complete with sound. There was no getting around it, so the mute button became my friend. But starting today, perhaps we can go our separate ways.

After a long period of inflicting this low-level suffering on its customers, Netflix has finally made it possible for users to opt out of this annoying nonsense and disable that functionality altogether. Not only that, you can also disable the feature which autoplays the next episode of a series that you're watching. Find out how to live in a better, quieter, more peaceful world below.

For years, all I've wanted from Netflix was the ability to read descriptions of its movies and TV shows without being assaulted by autoplaying videos one second after I hover over a title. I also want more 4K titles. And a more robust library of films from before 1980. And shorter seasons of its shows, cutting out the "filler" episodes. OK, so it turns out I want a lot of things from Netflix, but at least I got a victory today, because the company has heard our complaints and is finally providing an easy way to opt out of autoplay.

No need to click on that link: I'll save you the step by listing out the steps you need to take, one by one.

How to Turn Off Netflix Autoplay Functions

  • Sign In to Netflix from a web browser.
  • Select Manage Profiles from the menu.
  • Select the profile you'd like to update.
  • Check or uncheck the option to Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices.
  • Check or uncheck the option to Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.
  • Netflix's website notes that there may be a delay before the setting takes affect, but that you "can force an update by switching to another profile, then switching back in order to reload your profile with the updated setting."

    What a relief. This was a long time coming, but both my remote control's mute button and my sense of sanity send their profound thanks to Netflix for finally making this option available.