Sequel Bits: 'The Mask', 'Jurassic World', 'No Time To Die', 'Willow'

In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Jim Carrey says, sure, he'll do a Mask sequel...if a visionary filmmaker wants to direct.
  • Don't worry, the third Jurassic World movie isn't called Jurassic World: Extinction. If you were worried about that, I mean.
  • Ben Whishaw says No Time to Die connects to all the Daniel Craig Bond films.
  • Ron Howard has some things to say about that Disney+ Willow series.
  • The Mask ComparisonJim Carrey doesn't do many sequels. He made Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Dumb and Dumber To but for the most part, he's been hesitant to reprise some of his big parts. However, he's not entirely against the idea. Speaking with Comic Book, Carrey said: "I don't think in terms of sequels and stuff like that," but did mention that he could be persuaded to return to The Mask – under the right conditions. "The Mask I think, myself, you know, it would depend on a filmmaker. It depends on a filmmaker really. I don't want to do it just to do it. But I would only do it if it was some crazy visionary filmmaker. Sure." If Carrey really means this, I have the perfect suggestion: The Safdie Brothers. Imagine all the chaotic energy from Good Time and Uncut Gems, but with Carrey as The Mask. Don't lie: You'd watch that.Jurassic World

    So what's the title of the third and presumably final Jurassic World movie? The most obvious choice might be Jurassic World: Extinction, but don't worry – it's not that. Someone went ahead and asked director Colin Trevorrow if he was going to take the easy route and call the film Extinction, and Trevorrow was nice enough to say "Nope." So there you have it! This really isn't much of a story at all! But we have to fill up this space somehow, folks! Trevorrow also added that he does have a title in mind, but he hasn't revealed it yet. Again: Nothing to see here. Jurassic World 3 opens June 11, 2021.

    No Time to Die

    Up until the Daniel Craig era, the James Bond films were a bit stand-alone-ish. While there were some connections here and there between movies, the Craig Bond films actually attempted to build their own sprawling continuity – for better and worse. Now, Craig's time as 007 is about to end with No Time to Die, and you better believe the upcoming flick will tie into all the other Craig-era Bonds – and sum things up, too. At least that's what Ben Whishaw, who plays Q in the series, says. "It's Daniel's last film as James Bond, so I think what they can look forward to is a kind of summing up, I guess, of all of the previous Bond films that Daniel's done. There are strands from all of the films in it, kind of reaching a conclusion," Whishaw told ColliderNo Time to Die opens April 10, 2020.

    Willow SequelWillow, Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy-adventure, is in the midst of being turned into a Disney+ series. So is Howard involved? Sort of! Actually, to hear Howard tell it, the show doesn't even have a green light. "We are developing Willow for Disney Plus," the director told Collider. "And I don't know about directing or not, but Jon Kasdan is writing, he's very passionate about it, great job. We don't have a green light yet, but if it goes, I'll certainly want to roll up my sleeves and be a part of that, because that would be great, to revisit that world." So it sounds like all the excitement over the series officially happening might've been a bit premature, but it's definitely on track.