'Die Hart' Turns Kevin Hart Into An Action Star And John Travolta Is His Insane Coach In New Quibi Series

Kevin Hart has always taken jabs for being a short guy, and that's not going to stop anytime soon, especially now that he's signing up to star in Die Hart, a new series on Quibi, the short-form streaming subscription service launching in April. Find out more about the Kevin Hart Quibi series below.Variety says Die Hart (clearly named after the 1980s action franchise RoboCop) will follow Kevin Hart as a fictional version of himself who is sick of just being a comedic sidekick alongside Hollywood's biggest action stars. So when he gets an offer to be the leading man of his own action flick from a famous director, he makes sure to train at the world's greatest action school. The only problem is the coach is a complete lunatic, and that coach will be played by John Travolta.

While in action school, Hart will try to survive a series of "hilarious, over-the-top action sequences" while also dealing with a "tough-minded rival student." Can he face his greatest fears and become the next big action star?

John Travolta hasn't exactly been making the best decisions lately when it comes to movies. But the prospect of him going all-out as an insane action school coach sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Travolta has had no problem veering into comedy in the past, and teaming him up with Hart is an enticing prospect. I just hope the series doesn't rely only on Kevin Hart's frantic yelling, because that will get old fast, even in 10-minute increments.

It's easy to see how this series can be cut down to the 10-minute episode format that Quibi is hoping will appeal to the younger, mobile generation. But again, with all that free content out there, are people really going to be willing to pay for a subscription like this?

Die Hart will be directed by Eric Appel, who has directed episodes for TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Happy Endings, The Office, New Girl, Silicon Valley, Workaholics, and more. He was also executive producer on the unfortunately short-lived but hilarious live-action and animated hybrid series Son of Zorn on Fox. Writing the script will be Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter behind the John Wick franchise, and Tripper Clancy, fresh off last year's action comedy Stuber.Die Hart also hails from Kevin Hart's own Laugh Out Lout Network, so he'll also be executive producing alongside the company's president, Jeff Clanagan, who has been the comedian's business partner for years now. Candice Wilson and Bryan Smiley will also be involved as executive producers.

Production on the series is supposed to begin next week, which might give them enough time to get some episodes together for Quibi before the service launches on April 6, but we'll see how quickly it all comes together. If you'd like to know more about Quibi, get a rundown of the service over here.