'Men In Black: International' Honest Trailer: Anyone Have A Neuralyzer So We Can Forget This Nonsense?

What happens when you take two of the charismatic, beautiful stars of Thor: Ragnarok and team them up in Sony's blockbuster sci-fi comedy franchise Men in Black? Turns out you get the absolute minimum amount of effort from everyone involved, and the most fun you'll have is seeing how long you can last before you fall asleep. Watch the Men in Black: International Honest Trailer below for some more jabs at the expense of and MiB movie that's somehow worse than Men in Black II.

Men in Black: International Honest Trailer

After taking a look back at this humorless debacle with absolutely zero effort put into creating a compelling and entertaining story, it should come as no surprise that director F. Gary Gray wanted to leave the production,. Hell, I wanted to leave theaters when I gave it a chance, and I will definitely leave it in the bargain bin whenever I see it in stores.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson made for a great duo in Thor: Ragnarok, and the two have solid comedic chops. But here, there's not a single thing they say that's funny. But they do give each other thumbs up a lot. Kids love getting thumbs up, right?

By the way, we weren't joking about making a bet with your friends to see who can stay awake longest while watching this movie. The twist is that everyone who falls asleep actually wins, and everyone who stays awake will never get that time back. Lesson learned. Can we get that Men in Black and 21 Jump Street crossover back from the dead?