Kathleen Kennedy Hints That An Upcoming 'Star Wars' Movie Will Be Directed By A Woman

Star Wars has been making big strides with diversity in front of the camera, but what about behind the camera? Despite the inspiring female characters that are gracing both the big and small screens in various Star Wars projects, Lucasfilm has yet to hire a woman to helm a major Star Wars movie. But that could soon change, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

In an interview with BBC News on the red carpet for the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards 2020, Kennedy said that "without question" one of the upcoming big-screen Star Wars movies will be directed by a woman.

"We've got two or three fantastic women working with Star Wars...we're cultivating a lot of great talent," Kennedy said.

The wording is admittedly a bit vague. Kennedy was quick to respond yes after the interviewer asked when they would get a female director on a Star Wars film, responding, "We've already got them," before citing Disney+'s The Mandalorian, which has had a few women direct episodes, including Deborah Chow (now helming the halted Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi series) and Bryce Dallas Howard. However, when the interviewer asked to clarify if a movie could get a female director, she confirmed, "absolutely."

Kennedy has been waffling around the question of a Star Wars movie female director for some time now, countering criticism that she hasn't yet hired a woman to helm a major film in the franchise since she took the position. But while some progress has been made on the TV front, the films are still a big question mark. Lucasfilm is taking a break from making Star Wars movies for the next few years, though director Rian Johnson still has a trilogy in the works. That gives Kennedy some time to find a female director to put in charge of a Star Wars project, and put her money where her mouth is.