'Lamp Life' Trailer: Pixar's New Short Film Explores What Happened To Bo Peep Between 'Toy Story' Movies

In the Toy Story universe, what exactly happened to Bo Peep between her heartbreaking separation from Woody to the moment he encounters her as a pants-wearing badass in Toy Story 4?

Lamp Life, an upcoming Disney+ short film, aims to answer that question. Or does it? Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

Lamp Life Trailer

Toy Story 4 begins with a flashback prelude in which Andy's sister Molly decides she doesn't want the Bo Peep lamp anymore, so it's about to be removed from the house forever. Woody tries desperately to convince Bo to stay, but she knows it's time to move on and tries to convince Woody to come with her instead. But Woody won't leave Andy behind, so he and Bo part ways, seemingly never to see each other again. But years later, during the main adventure of Toy Story 4, Woody stumbles upon a more adventurous version of Bo who doesn't have a child relying on her. She spends her days looking out for lost toys, and ultimately inspires Woody to join her in her quest and leave his new owner, Bonnie, and his fellow toys behind.

So what happened to Bo Peep in those intervening years? Lamp Life seems to present some answers, but at the very end of this trailer, Bo seems to call the entire thing into question. "That all happened?" Woody asks incredulously after a rapid montage. "Yeah," Bo responds. "Well, more or less." That uncertainty introduces the idea that Bo could be an unreliable narrator, and that all of her descriptions of her adventures may not be entirely truthful. PixarPlanet, who pointed this trailer out to us in the first place, notes that this concept seems to be vaguely similar to Mater's Tall Tales, a series of short films set in the Cars universe in which Mater recalls ludicrous parts of his backstory that may or may not be true.

So is Bo exaggerating when she tells Woody about what she's been up to? And why would she feel the need to exaggerate at all? Hopefully the short itself will explore these questions in detail, but if not, we expect it will be just another run-of-the-mill Toy Story short – which is to say, it should be pretty good. (If you're curious, there are several others currently streaming on Disney+ right now.)

Lamp Life premieres on Disney+ on January 31, 2020.