Here's What Chewbacca Said To Rey When She Got Back In The Millennium Falcon In 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker'

Because Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker moves so quickly, there aren't many little moments that we get to enjoy between the characters. But there is one little moment fans have latched onto where Chewbacca says something to Rey as she hops back in the pilot seat of the Millennium Falcon and the rest of our new heroes prepare to go off on another adventure. And thanks to Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo, we now have an idea of what Chewie was saying to his newest pal.

When Rey sits down next to Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon cockpit, Poe, Finn, and C-3PO pile in behind them and the Wookiee makes a small growl towards Rey to which she merely responds, "It is." So what the hell did Chewie say? In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Joonas Suotamo offered up his own take on that nice moment between the two characters:

"I think Chewbacca is saying something like, 'It's good that you're back in the Falcon because Poe has been damaging the Falcon with his reckless, shifty flying.' So, I think it's a small jab at Poe at that point."

That's probably as good of an interpretation as any. After all, this is the first time that all these characters are going off together in a long time. We don't know exactly when the last time everyone was together like this, but for audiences, all of our heroes were only ever together at the end of The Last Jedi, and that was also on the Millennium Falcon.

Of course, Chewbacca could have said anything in that moment. Maybe he said, "You know, Twix really is the best candy bar." Or maybe even, "Don't you think now is the time for Warner Bros. Pictures to release The Snyder Cut?" Perhaps Chewbacca felt like some fans watching the movie and said, "Is the rest of the movie going to move this quickly without a lot of explanation or time to let significant moments settle?"

Suotamo didn't comment on any other scenes involving Chewbacca, but surely many are wondering what he screamed after he learned that Leia had died. Since all the other main legacy characters had died, I'm betting it was a cry of desperation like, "Damn it, J.J. Abrams, you're not gonna get me too! You'll have to pry this bowcaster out of my cold, dead paw!"

That's the beauty of Chewbacca. We can imagine him saying whatever we want to. It's just a shame so much of the rest of The Rise of Skywalker is left to be filled in by our imagination or by supplementary books.