'Bad Boys For Life' Clip: Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Buckle Up

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back for one last ride in Bad Boys for Life. The third and final entry in this franchise has Smith and Lawrence returning as cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who once again find themselves drawn into ridiculous, highly improbable action sequences. The first Bad Boys for Life clip has found its way online, and it has Smith and Lawrence bickering in the midst of a high-speed chase.

Bad Boys for Life Clip

Here we go again! This clip has Will Smith and Martin Lawrence easily slipping back into their respective roles: Smith's Mike Lowrey loves to take dangerous risks while Lawrence's Marcus Burnett would like to be more cautious and not possibly die. It all checks out and seems appropriately Bad Boys-ish. The only thing that's off is the action.

This is the first Bad Boys film without Michael Bay at the helm, and it certainly shows in this clip. Whatever you think of Bay, his brand of chaotic action – or Bayhem, if you will – is incredibly distinct, and it's weird to see a Bad Boys movie stage a chase sequence without it. That doesn't mean the movie will be bad, though. Maybe directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will bring new energy and life to this series.

In Bad Boys for Life, "The once inseparable duo of Marcus Burnett and Michael "Mike" Lowrey is coming apart: an aging Burnett has become a police inspector while Lowrey, suffering a midlife crisis, is assigned to head up AMMO, a "young guns" group of millennial cops with whom he has nothing in common. Both of them reunite once again when a fierce cartel mob boss, whose brother they defeated years earlier, makes a retaliation effort on Mike just as both he and Marcus are about to officially retire."

Bad Boys for Life, which also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, and Joe Pantoliano, opens January 17, 2020.