Kevin Smith Is Still Trying To Make 'Mallrats 2' Happen

Could Mallrats 2 actually happen? Kevin Smith sure hopes so. The filmmaker has been trying to continue the story of his 1995 film for some time now, first teasing a movie, then a potential TV show. Now it looks like Smith has gone back to the movie idea, announcing that he's starting on a new script called Twilight of the Mallrats.

In the Instagram post above, Kevin Smith offers up a positive message about how 2019 was one of the best years of his life, and how 2020 is going to be hard to measure up to what he accomplished last year. But he's going to try, gosh darn it! The filmmaker is once again going to attempt to get a Mallrats sequel going with a new script called Twlight of the Mallrats. He's also working on a Clerks III script, and he isn't sure which of the two he'll make first.

Of course, this isn't exactly new. Smith has been teasing a potential Mallrats sequel since 2015. At the time, he said he planned to start filming in 2016. Smith even laid out an entire storyline:

"It's 20 years later and the mall is on the brink of shutting down. Just like the mall everywhere it's kind of on the way out...So it takes place as the mall is about to close and Brody Bruce, the Jason Lee character, is throwing his... he's got a comic book store, Body Bruce's Secret Stash, which we had introduced in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He has moved it into the mall and he's throwing this Mallathon Comic Con to try to keep the mall alive. He's like the people in Back to the Future – 'Save the clock tower' – he's trying to save the mall and shit... The whole place finally has a crowd in it for the first time in years and the movie is stolen from Die Hard so in the middle of the Comic Con terrorists take over the mall and so originally the title of the script was Mallrats 2: Die Hard in a Mall. I don't think Fox is going to let us call it that so we might have to call it something else, but Brody teams up with everyone you remember and love from this movie, 18 characters from this movie come back in Mallrats 2 and then we add another generation as well, their kids as well."

Smith later revealed the title of his script was Mallbrats, promising "113 pages fulla old friends, new jokes and a bloody battle with Stan Lee."

Eventually, this entire idea morphed into a potential TV series. But Smith failed to find a buyer for the idea, reporting in 2017 that he "pitched said sequel series to 6 different networks only to find no takers thus far." Now it sounds like he's going back to the drawing board and putting together a whole new script, which means that entire Die Hard idea is probably out the window.