Keanu Reeves Is Training To Kill Everyone Again (In 'John Wick 4' And 'The Matrix 4')

The time has come for Keanu Reeves to murder everyone again. Not literally, of course, but on the big screen. The actor is now back in training for two big action sequels: John Wick Chapter 4 and The Matrix 4 – two movies, by the way, that are both currently set to open on the same day. Reeves was recently at Taran Tactical Innovations, with guns at the ready and his wonderful facial hair that he shaved off for Bill and Ted 3 returned to its rightful place.

I feel the need to add a disclaimer to this post since the pic above is very gun-centric. America needs sensible gun control, now more than ever. I firmly believe that with all my heart and soul. Also, I really like to watch movies where Keanu Reeves has a bunch of guns and shoots people. Does that make me a hypocrite? I guess. To quote Walt Whitman, "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes. Also, I love me some guns in movies." Okay, I added that last part.

As you can see above, Mr. Reeves is back in action, gearing up to film both John Wick Chapter 4 and The Matrix 4, both of which have a May 21st, 2021 release date (one of them is going to move at some point, so don't get too excited). Keanu takes this stuff very seriously, which is why he looks so damn cool running into neon-lit rooms and gun-fu-ing everyone to death. Taran Tactical is also his go-to place – he trained there for John Wick Chapter 3 as well, as you can see in this video, which also features co-star Halle Berry.

"Keanu came out, and keep in mind I've trained other actors, and usually they just want like three or four hours of training one day so they don't have some dorky cup-and-saucer grip or something else stupid and blow it," Taran Butler, founder of Taran Tactical, previously said. "Keanu wanted to be next level.  He's kinda never satisfied, and you can see that in some of the YouTube videos where he wants to go again, try and go faster, get better and better, and that attitude is why he's so good."