PSA: A New Episode Of 'The Mandalorian' Is Streaming Today, Along With A Clip From 'The Rise Of Skywalker'

If you're eager to see more Star Wars-related things as soon as humanly possible, here's some good news: the latest episode of The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney+ right now, two days ahead of its typical Friday release. Why? Because Disney presumably wants all eyes on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this weekend – and speaking of that film, there's a new clip from the movie streaming on Disney+ as well.

You don't have to wait until Friday to get another glimpse of Baby Yoda: you can drop everything you're doing and watch a new episode of The Mandalorian right this second. And after that's over, you can click down to the "extras" tab on the series page and find an exclusive two-minute clip from the opening of The Rise of Skywalker involving Poe and Finn trying to blast their way out of a tight spot.

The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters this Friday. Here's our review.