'A Quiet Place Part II' First Look: Emily Blunt Protects Her Family

True to form, the first image of A Quiet Place Part II has arrived without much noise. Paramount has debuted the A Quiet Place Part II first look image, which gives us an idea of how much time has passed between the 2018 horror hit and its upcoming sequel. The answer: not much at all. See the A Quiet Place 2 first look image below

A Quiet Place 2 First Look

Details about A Quiet Place Part II have been kept largely under wraps, but the first image debuted by Total Film reveals just how much time has passed since the events of A Quiet Place. Based on the tiny babe that Emily Blunt's Evelyn holds in her arms and the fact that she's wearing the same dress she gave birth in, not much time at all. It seems that A Quiet Place Part II picks up immediately after A Quiet Place. It may present a problem for young stars Millicent Simmonds and the rapidly aging preteen Noah Jupe, but it is exciting that we'll be able to stay on our journey with the Abbot family, who will be encountering new characters played by Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins) and Djimon Hounsou (Shazam!).

But what will the Abbot family's journey be now that the patriarch, played in the first film by director John Krasinski, who returns in the director's chair for the sequel, has been killed? Krasinski tells Total Film that the sequel will find Blunt wrestling with the fundamental question she and her husband argued over in the first film: thrive or survive? He says:

"I love the idea of the first one, that Emily and I as characters were all about surviving versus the thriving. All [my character] wanted to do was survive," adds Krasinski. "And [her character] says, 'That's not enough. We have to thrive. We have to let these kids be whole human beings'. And after I'm gone, I'm loving seeing Emily really battle with that – that maybe survival was the way to go. And maybe this idea of thriving was too dangerous."

We'll get to see how this battle for survival plays out when A Quiet Place Part II sneaks into theaters on March 20, 2020.