Cool Stuff: Directors Patty Jenkins And Ava DuVernay Get Their Own Funko POPs

The Funko POP collection of film and television directors being turned into collectible vinyl figurines has slowly been growing. But it's only been full of a bunch of male filmmakers, ranging from Alfred Hitchcock in black and white from the set of Psycho to a tropical Taika Waititi decked out in pink and pineapples. Thankfully, Funko has brought a couple of the more recently influential female filmmakers on the scene into the fray by giving Wonder Woman helmer Patty Jenkins and Selma director Ava DuVernay their own POP figures.

Patty Jenkins Funko POP

Next year will bring Wonder Woman 1984 to the big screen, and that will only make Patty Jenkins more of a household name than she already is after directing the successful first installment of the DC Comics superheroine franchise. Jenkins also has some damn good television under her belt, including episodes of Arrested Development, The Killing, and even HBO's Entourage.

As a Funko POP, Jenkins is decked out in a white jumpsuit, some tennis shoes, and a tan overcoat. Maybe when Wonder Woman 1984 comes out they can give her a variant with Wonder Woman's lasso

Ava DuVernay Funko POP

Ava DuVernay will make sure Patty Jenkins isn't the lone female filmmaker in the Funko POP line-up. A bunch of characters from her adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time were already turned into Funko POPs, but this isn't the first time DuVernay has been turned into a toy. The director was previously turned into a Barbie doll that sold out in just a few hours. In this collectible form, she's wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a shirt representing her arts collective ARRAY.

DuVernay is best known for directing Selma, but she's also behind the documentary 13th, and the recent Netflix miniseries When They See Us. She'll soon join Patty Jenkins in the DC Comics club by adapting their superhero property New Gods for the big screen.


As of now, there's no indication of when these new Funko POPs will be available other than they're "coming soon," so just keep your eyes peeled on shelves and over at the Funko website for more updates.