Relax And Let Henry Cavill Read You 'The Witcher'

As I write this, it's Friday, it's late in the day, and we're all ready for the weekend to get here. None of us much feels like doing anything that requires real effort at the moment, so my advice is to just kick back and relax. And what could be more relaxing than having professional handsome man Henry Cavill read The Witcher? The actor, who stars in the upcoming Netflix Witcher series, sat down to read some passages from a Witcher book.

Henry Cavill Reads The Witcher

Even if you don't want to watch Netflix's The Witcher you might want to watch Henry Cavill sit in a big comfy chair with some booze nearby, turning the pages on a big Witcher book. As far as videos go, this isn't the most exciting or action-packed. But that's not what this video is about. It's about luring Cavill fans in with the prospect of hearing the actor use his smooth voice to read some fantasy text. In the video, Cavill reads from the first book in The Witcher series, The Last Wish.

The Witcher "is an epic tale of fate and family. Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. But when destiny hurtles him toward a powerful sorceress, and a young princess with a dangerous secret, the three must learn to navigate the increasingly volatile Continent together. On a Continent riddled with evil, the paths of a monster hunter, a sorceress and a runaway princess converge."

"I really love the idea of taking this series of novels that fans already love with and bringing them to a new audience," said showrunner Lauren Hissrich. "There's also fun in exploring what happens between the pages of the books. The books explore events over a long period of time but there's also story they skip through — Yennefer. for instance, some of the more defining moments of her life, we hear about them in flashback. We got to explore them in real time. It's exciting to take Andrzej's work and bring it to life."

The Witcher arrives on Netflix December 20.