Snyder Cut Alert: Zack Snyder Shares Photo Of Henry Cavill's Superman In Black Suit

Before we begin: in the spirit of the holiday season, can we all agree to not turn this into a debate about whether the Snyder Cut will ever be seen commercially? Cool. Now, on with the story.

Zack Snyder frequently shares images from his planned version of Justice League on Vero, his social media platform of choice. Most of them are of little consequence to anyone outside the most ardent fans and supporters of Snyder's vision, but particular image has floated above that and into the level of being potentially interesting to the rest of the fan community as well. Check out the photo of actor Henry Cavill wearing Superman's black suit below.

Henry Cavill in Superman's Black Suit

Cavill Superman Black Suit

In the lead-up to 2017's Justice League, hardcore Superman fans were hoping to see Henry Cavill's Man of Steel rocking the black suit that a version of the character wore in the comics in the wake of the famous early 1990s "The Death of Superman" arc. It was a reasonable hope, considering that the previous movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, featured the villainous Doomsday killing Superman, just like he did in the comics. And the black suit was teased by Cavill himself on Instagram in 2016, more than a year before Justice League opened:


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Thanks to interviews with Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner around the time of the release, we knew that this wasn't just some pipe dream: Snyder was serious about Superman's black suit making it into the film. Speaking with The Inverse, Wagner said, "There were [scenes shot]...It's a cool looking costume. Sadly, we didn't see that either in the final cut." There was even a deleted scene in which Cavill stumbles across the costume, but that was the closest we got to actually seeing him wear it – until today.

It was one of many plot threads that were ultimately excised from Snyder's vision for the film after he left following a family emergency and Joss Whedon was hired to finish the movie. But according to Snyder, who answered fan questions on Vero after posting the image (via Heroic Hollywood), he actually planned to have Superman wearing the black suit in the climactic battle of this film and then slowly revert to wearing the classic blue suit by experiencing a journey across the next two movies (which, obviously, were never made). Read Snyder's comments here:

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