Hear An Exclusive Track From The 'Mr. Robot' Season 4 Soundtrack

Mr. Robot composer Mac Quayle won an Emmy for his work on the first season of Sam Esmail's acclaimed USA hacker series, and his work has not slowed down since. Quayle's dark, dissonant, synth-heavy score lends to the oppressive environment of Esmail's techno-opera about a hacker (Rami Malek) battling an evil corporation and his own personal demons in the form of the titular Mr. Robot (Christian Slater). And you can purchase the moody Mr. Robot season 4 soundtrack this week — not complete with a hoodie and identity crisis. Hear an exclusive track from the Mr. Robot season 4 soundtrack.

Mr. Robot Season 4 Soundtrack Exclusive

Quayle was at the forefront of the synth soundtrack takeover of TV, and he hits a high note with the season 4 soundtrack for Mr. Robot. The exclusive track above, "401.1 Retribution" is full of fuzzy guitars and dark electronic synths that echo the distorted worldview of Elliot Alderson, a cyber-security engineer who starts a revolution to change the world through a virus that infiltrates one of the most powerful corporations and upends the entire economic system. But now he must deal with the aftermath of revolution in the fourth and final season which delves into "the pros and cons of Elliot hitting send on the email that could reverse 5/9."

I got the chance to talk to Quayle a few years ago about his distinctive score for Mr. Robot, which he revealed as always "conceived to have a totally electronic score." He expanded, "Not just created by electronics but sounding very electronic — synthesizer sounds, drum machine sounds. That has been the core sound from the beginning. We have expanded it a little in seasons 2 and 3, adding some more organic tones to the palette, but it's very electronic. I use computer, I use software that's designed for just for this task of creating and producing music, a lot of very clever pieces of software that create amazing sounds. It's very fun to tweak it and come up with ultimately what is the final sound for Mr. Robot."

The final sound hasn't much changed with the fourth season, which came a two years after the acclaimed third season aired on USA Network. And while the series doesn't have quite the same pop culture footprint as its first seasons did, its soundtrack still feels as relevant and dynamic as ever.

See the full track list below. You can buy the album here when it becomes available digitally on December 13, 2019.

  • 401.1 Retribution
  • 401.2 Grand Central
  • 401.3 Contractor
  • 401.4 Goodbye, Friend
  • 402.1 Truth About Susan
  • 402.2 The Other One
  • 403.1 You're Beautiful
  • 403.2 I'm Crazy Too
  • 404.1 Wipe Everything
  • 404.2 IRC Fantasy
  • 404.3 My Sister
  • 404.4 Going For A Walk
  • 405.1 Distract & Enter
  • 405.2 Validating Delores
  • 405.3 Thumb CAD
  • 405.4 Red Light Camera
  • 405.5 Server Room Access
  • 405.6 Exception Schedule
  • 405.7 Ziptie Door
  • 405.8 Runtime
  • 405.9 Jump Drive
  • 405.10 Deus Meeting Set
  • 406.1 L'il Bitch
  • 406.2 Play The Hero