PSA: 'Watchmen' Episode 8 Has A Post-Credits Scene, So Keep Watching

Here's a spoiler-free PSA: Watchmen episode 8, "A God Walks Into Abar", has more to offer once the credits roll. In keeping with superhero entertainment tradition, the upcoming penultimate episode ends with a post-credit scene. No, we won't tell you what happens. We won't even give you a hint. We're just providing you with this info so you know to keep watching. You're welcome.

We're in the home-stretch now. There are only two episodes left of Watchmen, and everyone wants to know how things are going to turn out. Well, we have some idea – but we're not going to tell you. This is a spoiler-free post, folks. But here's something we can share: Watchmen episode 8 has a post-credit scene. And it's a scene you're definitely going to want to watch.

So if you're the type of viewer who flips a show off the second the credits start to roll, hang around a bit. In the episode, "A God Walks Into Abar", "Angela's (Regina King) mysterious past in Vietnam is at last revealed." The episode was written by Jeff Jensen & Damon Lindelof and directed by Nicole Kassell. It airs Sunday. Check back for our review after it ends.